About Long Island Lists

Long Island Lists is an Online Real Estate brought to you by Long Island Hub. Launched in 2017 but Long Island Hub was in the works for years before by The Imagi Digital Company founded in 2016 & unofficially created in 2011. The one element that binds all of these websites together is obvious but what is less obvious to many is the values of the founders of these companies. We all value supporting local economic growth on Long Island because we genuinely care and love our local community. 

The Purpose Long Island Lists

Offering a better solution for Long Island Businesses looking to advertise their businesses by the standards or the technological advancements of 2020 and into the future.

Our primary focus right now is to deliver digital Long Island Coupons vs the outdated printed coupons.

Let us show you a compare and contrast from Old Print Media to today's New Digital Media.

OLD: Physically Shipped & Delivered with your news paper and not asked for.

NEW: Digitally Delivered instantly online to people who are looking for your businesses product or service.

More information on this matter is coming soon but if you wish to learn now call us at (631) 371-3039.